Wheel System

The FRONT ‘N’ CENTER™ Wheel System fits on the bottom of corrugated displays to make them mobile. The system is engineered to fit 99% of corrugated displays with 90˚-angled corners, and can be used with easels, partitioned dump bins, risers, shelving units/hutches, pre-packs and snack towers. Exceptionally durable, injection-molded plastic wheels last a lifetime so you can use them over and over again. FRONT ‘N’ CENTER™ wheels for P-O-P displays are available in black, red and white, or in your custom color — they can even be customized with your logo!


  • The wheel system mobilizes displays, allowing location flexibility to maximize visibility.
  • Floors stay cleaner; the wheels don’t scuff floors and they provide 1-1/2” clearance, which facilitates cleaning.
  • Longer life for displays saves you money; the wheels raise the display, reducing damage at its base.
  • Reduces wicking and the need for wax dipping.
  • Facilitates loading of the display away from the retail floor.

Easy to Use

Our wheel system is so convenient and easy to use, you may never use a static display again! Simply pop the wheels onto your display and your product is ready to roll. The wheel system does not change the existing display in any way, and it maintains stability.


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