Improve P-O-P

Point-of-purchase (P-O-P) retail displays are vital to keeping products competitive. A good display in the right location helps you build brand awareness and increase sales. By facilitating the movement of displays to premier locations, the FRONT ‘N’ CENTER™ Wheel System is an ideal solution for improving your P-O-P results. Further, our wheel system keeps displays looking better longer, is easy to install, and helps keep the floor cleaner, all of which can enhance your point-of-purchase program, as seen in the following tips.

Retailers’ Top 10: How to Improve Retail P-O-P Display Stands*

10. Discuss the program with visual merchandising personnel as well as the product merchants.

9. Produce smaller sizes with an option to utilize multiples (fit together) if the space is available.

8. Have a novice try to set up the display first to troubleshoot it for design errors.

7. Better seasonal timing of P-O-P.

6. Use materials that will not look shopworn after a week.

5. Keep in mind that you have to clean around these displays.

4. Get your P-O-P designers out into the field more often.

3. Avoid those cheap-looking solid white bases.

2. Gather more information from salesclerks.

1. Strive to be classy and not gaudy.

*Source: 1998 P-O-P Times / P-O-P & Sign Design Trends Survey